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Game Introduction: Eden Eternal is a fantasy themed MMORPG that transports players into a world in desperate need of harmony. After several races migrated to a newly discovered continent for a fresh start they quickly found out from firsthand experience that old habits are hard to break. A disagreement about the direction their future should take erupted into firestorm ignited previous racial hatred and tension. A devastating war has left Eden in turmoil. Players step into the shoes of a mysterious hero with magical powers. Although their origin is still unknown they must take on the role of an Eternal Guardian fighting the evil plaguing the lands. Destroy an assortment of monsters and local beasts. Kill fierce boss creatures and other players. Complete challenging quests. Find a Soulmate or adopt a pet to assist in your journey. Similar to other X-Legend and Aeria Games titles like Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga Eden Eternal has cool anime style graphics. Players are not limited to one class per character. As they progress new classes are unlocked which can be switched at random. All players start out as a human Warrior or Magician. There are 15 unlockable classes depending on a player s level.Heroic Traits Leadership Guardian Apostle Commando Sanctum Maverick Adventurer and Crack Shot.Classes Warrior (no level requirement) They are skilled soldiers equipped with heavy armor in the form of swords and axes. Their ability to easily take out opponents and yield high level of damage make them worthy adversaries.Warlock (level 55) Warlocks borrow their power from the darkness. Their arsenal of magical tricks is overwhelming often leaving enemies quivering for mercy.Templar (level 60) Deeply rooted in their religious beliefs these spiritual warriors call of the power of God to punish the evil terrorizing the lands.Ranger (level 65) Rangers are very meticulous in their actions. They analyze opponents weaknesses and execute blows that will do the most amount of damage. This class has mastered delivering devastating attacks from afar.

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