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Game Introduction: Dragon Nest is a fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on skill-based fighting and combos. Originally released in 2010 to the Korean market Nexon brings Dragon Nest to the North American market just a year later with a fresh set of voice actors and a whole lot of hype. Dragon Nest lets you play one of four classes each with their set of two sub-classes as you quest your way through colorful anime-inspired environments. It will undoubtedly appeal to those who tire of the World of Warcraft UI model along with those who enjoy a more fast paced less repetitive fighting system. Players will enjoy how differently each class plays from one another along with the crazy powerful effects as enemies get lit on fire fried by electricity or just blown away by the characters many abilities. You may play as The Warrior Classic close-combat tank amp spank class the warrior starts out as an even balance of offensive and defensive skills.The Swordsman Swordsmen are warriors whom once specialized embrace the damage-dealing aspect of their class which can be again specialized to one or many opponents through their choice of skills.The Mercenary Mercenaries are nothing short than traditional full-blown tanks. Though they lose out on Swordsman damage they can take a beating and easily ask for second servings.The Archer Straightforward long-ranged damage dealer the archer is fast hard-hitting and fragile. Archers will need to use their mobility to ensure they can live to keep dishing out the pain.The Sharpshooter Specialized in long-ranged combat the Sharpshooter is the archer with a full focus on long-range damage but with even more vulnerability. This class hits like a truck.The Acrobat Losing a lot of the long range damage dealing the Acrobat is an agility and mobility powerhouse that trades in the bow for close combat damage dealing.The Cleric Tank healer and buffer the cleric boasts a range of survival and crowd control abilities that makes him a welcome addition to any group. They are however quite weak on the damage aspect.The Paladin Though low in damage the Paladin is a spell casting tank with a knack for survival with a good measure of the group supporting and enemy disrupting abilities of the cleric.The Priest Acting as the traditional healer and support caster role the priest is Dragon Nest s main support powerhouse with some secondary damage dealing spells.The Sorceress Short to medium range spell caster the Sorceress focus is a mix of damage-dealing attacks status and crowd control abilities.The Elementalist Focusing on elemental magic this sub-class boasts a range of high damage and crowd control magic with the tradeoff being lower toughness.The Mystic A more balanced alternative to the elementalist the Mystic s main focus is crowd control rather than damage using gravity to throw enemies around the area.

Instructions :
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