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Game Introduction: Dino Storm is a free-to-play sci-fi western game that takes players on thrilling adventures, battles and more. The client-based game Dino Storm is set in the dusty plains of DinoVille, a town which has been terrorized by evil rogues, desperately performing acts of looting, spying, theft, and violence. Your mission in the online game Dino Storm is to band together with other players, jump aboard your own dinosaur mount, and prepare to battle these enemies that are terrifying the citizens of DinoVille. A primary feature of the free western adventure game Dino Storm includes an intricate and detailed 3D game world, with realistic graphics and a desert landscape. Herds of dinosaurs roam the beautiful land that has been corrupted by evil bandits, and players must face these enemies in order to protect the scared town of DinoVille. As you roam the Dino Storm game world you will be able to collect a host of valuable items which you can sell at the market for cash. Additionally, players who perform daily tasks will be rewarded with gold coins, increasing their wealth and thereby access to weaponry and equipment. In the browser based game Dino Storm you not only have to hunt down and bring your enemies to justice, but also collect food and other supplies, go hunting for fossils, and even scare off large herds of wild and strange dinosaurs – your duty is to serve and protect the inhabitants of DinoVille as a brave ranger!

Instructions :
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STEP 3 - If you see an error then make sure you have .Net Framework 4 installed on you system.
STEP 4 - Hack the game and enjoy

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