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Game Introduction: DDTank is a browser game full of exciting content, combat and adventures. In the online game you have the chance to fight alongside or against your friends in various fun and sometimes quirky combat modes. Players enter the DDTank Chamber Room, equipped with various power-up items, ninja stars and weaponry to enhance combat and improve their chances of a victory. Using gold you are able to purchase these power-ups or they can be collected as you venture through the exciting world of DDTank. Power-ups can increase your HP, your POW meter, and can even help you to become invisible. Buy healing items for a speedy recovery from intense battles, or use ice cubes to freeze your opponents mid-strike. There are endless quirky combinations to be used when taking on your enemies in the browser based game DDTank. Players can choose from a large selection of weaponry, each of which can be fortified, synthesized, strengthened, enhanced and even decorated. Players can even use rotten tomatoes and toilet plungers to put off their opponents! There are four skills that you must manage in any battle – these include defense, agility, luck and attack. Be sure to keep on top of these stats and ensure they remain at a safe level. If your stats drop in combat, your chances of being defeated increase. Know your character and know when you need to recharge! Characters in the browser game DDTank are fully customizable, allowing you to add your own personal touch to your character. Network with and chat to other players, make new friends, and participate in exciting battles in the thrilling game DDTank.

Instructions :
STEP 1 - Download DDTank Cheats by clicking the Button Below.
STEP 2 - Save this DDTank Cheats on your desktop and open it.
STEP 3 - If you see an error then make sure you have .Net Framework 4 installed on you system.
STEP 4 - Hack the game and enjoy

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